Driving/Flight Simulation

Hey folks. Just wondering if anyone on here plays any kind of sim flight games like. DCS (Digital Combat Simulator). Or driving Sims. Assetto Corsa or (Competizione). Rfactor 2, Automobilista 2, IRacing etc. Be nice to fly or drive with folks on here for a change, Just wondering if I should be searching elsewhere for pilots and drivers…

any particular console or pc? I have Ace Combat 7 and nearly every Forza game

Hi how are ya. PC is my preferred platform. I’m kind of into DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) right now. Which is pretty dam cool. And just a wee bit challenging. Like learning to fly the real thing challenging.

They do have a free map (Caucasus) with a civilian version of the P51 Mustang and a Sukhoi Su-25T Ground attack jet. With unlimited use. And when I say maps I mean their maps are like 300,000km2 to 500,000km2 I believe. Depending on the map.

On a side note they have Helicopters as well.

On Discord I am Concentric Arc#8564

Here is a link with map size comparisons.

Here is a link to the F/A 18C the plane I’m trying to learn right now to give you an idea.

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