Dragonfly 3.14 Referral Bonus LTI

Years ago I made my account with a referral code from OTG (I think the randomizer)…

Not sure who actually referred me… But I finally kept my starting pledge package and I guess we qualified for the LTI Dragonfly with the coalfire paint…

I got it added to my hangar today… So one lucky person has also gotten one, chances are they don’t even know or play anymore possibly.

Anyways, having a lot of fun in Star Citizen lately . I did the XenoThreat Event all last week and have been playing now since end of August.

Just thought I’d mention the dragonfly may be waiting… :slight_smile:

Thanks whoever it was.

EDIT: My old SC name was “WembleyOTG”, it’s changed to “Shadow_o7”… Not sure if names show up on referrals.

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congrats and welcome (back) to SC :slight_smile:

Not me, but still glad you are in. Have fun!