Dragonflight Preview: Eye on Professions

As you craft your item, there is a small amount of randomness added to your skill roll to represent the natural variation in your crafting execution. In addition, if you have any Inspiration — a new crafting stat— you have a chance to become inspired, gaining a significant amount of bonus skill during the craft. This means you may do better than you expected, but never worse!

In general, we don’t expect the base reagents to be nearly as expensive, and most of the effort to become highly specialized will be through play, not spending gold.

“…you will be able to get lower quality equipment recrafted to higher quality later by a more skilled crafter for minimal reagents. More details will be forthcoming on recrafting.”

“Finally, it should mean many fewer items will be made just to skill up, thus flooding the market and diminishing their value.”

That is a lot to grasp without being able to play with the system yet to better understand how it will all play out.

Biggest 2 takeaways

  1. you will be able to equip up to 5 crafted special equipped items. These items can be crafted at one level and further upgraded over time as you acquire special reagents……all the way to Mythic Raid Level (they mention you can get these reagents thru Mythic plus but didn’t list a key level required.)

  2. crafting work orders will allow crafters to craft items using soulbound items in our inventory.

There is a lot that varies crafting time, results, speed…it’s a lot to try and figure out but it is the biggest change to professions in a very long time.

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The other thing I found in the comments section was that warriors can make two single-handed weapons, but both will be part of that 5 pc equip set they mention. So two weapons plus only 3 pcs of gear = 5 equipped crafted items. You would think Bliz would remove such a restriction which would upset folks who can get an entire set of gear without the weapons, or those who want the weapons but can’t get the full set of gear.

i take this to be more along the lines of the specially equipped 262 ilvl crafted gear where we can only equip 1 piece at a time.

They have expanded on this system and will allow up to 5 pieces be equipped. Armor, Weapons, i assume Rings, neck, & maybe even trinkets.

This gear isn’t meant to fully equip a player. It is supposed to help fill in slots you need while waiting on the raid to drop your BiS item.

So weapons are going to be available, 1hd/off hand each counting 1, while 2hd would be counted as 2.

Weapons are always typically the hardest for players to replace. Having a viable option to create an item early enough in the raid tier that might not drop till the end boss will be nice.

For example, the only piece of gear i am missing out of Castle Nathria is the helm from Lady Inarva. No matter how many times we killed her, it never dropped for me. Having a way to craft a raid level helm at this point would have been nice.

Very true, very true. I’m glad to see this being offered.