Dragonflight 10.1 Gear Currency Ranks

Some people are unaware that in 10.1 the entire way of gear upgrades is changing in the game.

Here is a pretty good overall spreadsheet by Soul Breezy that currently explains pretty well how gear is going to be upgraded in 10.1.

Remember, Valor is going away. All Gear from all sources of content (except pvp) are upgradeable to a certain rank with Flightstones (universal currency) & 4 types of Crests (Content level dependent, ie LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic).

Soul’s video on the subject does a pretty good job explaining this new system.

I highly recommend watching it to know what is changing on 5/2 when 10.1 goes live.

Hope this helps,



Just in time for my alts to level to 70. Great posting Trevain, thanks a bunch. As always you rock!! :confetti_ball:

Seems convoluted to me but I will have to see when it goes live. No more valor farming 2+ probably a good thing. Interesting it is no longer locked to M+ IO scores, I can see people paying for running higher stuffs.