Dragon Flight Season 1 begins December 12th

Hope everyone has on their leveling pants…


Yea…2 weeks after launch. I’m going to have to reschedule my days in order to be prepared. We’ll need to do a lot of dungeons in order to get the gear we’ll need for the raids…that’s for sure.

Not sure how fast crafters will be able to level up for crafted gear. At least Bliz offers up and “upgrade” path for gear for a change, besides the usual mythic requirements attached to getting to the next ilvl with the current valor system.

Mac do you have an idea what crafting path you will be following on tailoring? I ask because I can get Friedbones’ tailoring up and follow an alternative path. I can’t remember the name for that other item that will be needed to help enhance stuff. Don’t believe Bliz lets you do both at the same time if I read their information correctly.


Wonder what they will replace those two affixes with?

Mythic+ Dungeon Affixes

For Season 1, we’re introducing a new affix, but the Necrotic and Inspiring affixes won’t be making an appearance. More information on this new affix will be released at a later date.

Also nice to see another path to adjusting non-set pieces: The Inspiration Catalyst, used to turn non-set pieces of the appropriate slot into a new set piece of the same item level, will be available later in Season 1.

I’m still not happy with how they are doing the seasons for mythic plus.
If I wanted to play old content I would do timewalking, hehe.

I do think for Season 1 they should have done all 8 of the new Dragonflight dungeons & saved the old content for further into the expansion when end content is getting a little stale.

I’ve had a blast Season 4 doing the old dungeons.
It was refreshing change of pace. I’m not a huge fan of timewalking since your stat squished and that isn’t balanced sometimes.

I want to know where are the Vanilla Dungeons??

I had so much fun in the original Deadmines.


Yea…we had some issues with two timewalking dungeons last night. But managed to get through it. I do not like how in one you still have to drop down into mob infested waters and several of the group died before even reaching the ramp up. You would think they would have adjusted that and provided a walkway, even if they had to have it bounce a bit so you needed to dodge things.

As far as crafting goes Lyn, early specialization points will be for more Cloth Collection in order to skill up the professions.

Later on, I will choose Robes under Garment Crafting, but pretty sure I will be dabbling in the Textiles category while leveling.

I don’t think I will go Draconic Needlework until max level since those items you would only want to drop into higher ilvl gear depending on how hard it is to acquire mats.

Really depends on how fast we get skill points to allocate.

But we get choices!


From what I could tell reading all the information and watching a video (I posted elsewhere in the Wow forums here under crafting), we get points only for first time making something. That gave me pause because I remember struggling to get those last few points I needed to reach my next level in crafting. It was a pita to deal with and I think I ended up having to make more of a higher end piece just to get those extra points to max my level out.

It remains to be seen how this will shake out tho. I thought to ask you so that I can concentrate on a different specialty to augment anyone else. I don’t need to be the one to provide the absolute best item, but it would be nice to be able to provide those odd, high end accouterment pieces to enhance or embellish a piece for those that are doing those other special items.