Dragon Flight Pre-Patch Phase 2 is next Tuesday, Nov. 15th

  1. Evokers can now be created if you have pre-purchased Dragonflight. You will go thru the Forbidden Reach Starter Zone, learn your Dracthyr’s abilities, & ultimately choose your faction at the conclusion. Because you do not choose your faction till the end of the zone, I am unsure if your Dracthyr can get invited into the guild during this time. You can still communicate with the Guilds thru the Cross Faction X Chat Community, this was an officer invite only community. If your newly returned, contact an officer for an invite.

  2. Primal Storms World Event begins - 4 Bosses in 4 Zones. Killing loots ilvl 252 gear and there is also a Heirloom Trinket you can acquire for killing all 4 Bosses. This is the catch-up mechanic for launch into Dragon Flight. Evokers were coming out of the starter zone at ilvl 180, not sure if that still holds true. I know they buffed the XP to ensure you would be level 60. But gear is another unknown.

  3. Uldaman Dungeon - The Legacy of Tyr. This was a dungeon many will remember in the Blasted Lands in Vanilla. This is only the 2nd time they have revamped an original dungeon (Deadmines was the first) for play. It will be fun to go back. This Dungeon is most likely level 60 only, gear ilvl rewards unknown for the pre-patch. This is one of the 8 DF dungeons, & it will eventually be on the M+ rotation in a future season.

  4. Health Nerf Incoming: Blizzard is removing the Stamina Buffs we acquired from Covenant Renown Levels. Everyone should see a smaller health pool on Tuesday. Instead you are gaining a Speed Boost of 1% vs the 2% Stamina per Renown Milestone.

  5. Alliance Only: OTG-A is expanding their roster size from 3 characters to now also include your Dracthyr. This brings it to 4 characters total, there is no need to remove a toon from OTG-A to make room for your Dracthyr. Roster Limits for OTG-U remains at 3, & Ole at 6. I do recommend you moving the toon you plan being your main into OTG-A for access to the Guild Crafting Orders that will be available in Dragonflight. These will be Guild Specific systems.


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I wish to highlight Mac’s notation here because we have been seeing a few returning players but it will be hairy next Tuesday when the servers finally open. I wish to highlight this point and recommend anyone wishing to rejoin or move a new main, to please do this as soon as you can.

Personally, I highly suggest you try to get this accomplished before next week if you can. It will make it much easier to already have your main moved and, if you are a returning or new player, getting that spot opened up in OTG-A for your new shiny Dracthyr will be so much less stressful :face_with_spiral_eyes: for everyone involved.

lyn :grin: