Dragon Flight Pre-patch Phase 1 is tomorrow Oct. 25th

Ok, a few things to remember during this phase of the pre-patch.

  1. Your Tier Set powers will be deactivated - poof - no more 2/4 set bonuses
  2. Your Legendaries, Conduits, & Covenant Abilities will still work unless they share an active Talent node. No double dipping.
  3. New Talent system is live - and we will most likely spend a few days playing swap the paths to test all capstone abilities. (at level 60 we can reach the end of the tree, but won’t be as strong as level 70 when we can activate multiple at once)
  4. You can equip a legendary that isn’t represented in your Talent Tree for some extra temporary borrowed power (when DF goes live these all get deactivated along with our covenant powers) - yippie, i get to craft another freakin legendary.
  5. All Raids are now Fated Raids and you can continue working on getting the Mount
  6. Mythic+ will continue offering keys and valor for gear upgrades & mount - only the title is no longer available (Top % of players based on IO)
  7. New UI is available - time to see how many addons we can ditch.

In two weeks we will have Phase 2 of the pre-patch go live with the Dracthry race now being available along with the new Primal world events & updated Uldaman Dung.


…sigh … :woman_facepalming:

Crafting another legendary? Are we still going to be able to wear/use two just as we do today only not the unity belt?

Legendary rule still applies

You can wear your Unity and one other

The thing you want to do is see if there are any legendary powers that do not conflict with a talent build.

For example,

For Warlock I use either Grim Inquisitors for M+ or Wilfred’s for Raid. Both are in the talent tree.

What I might look at doing is equipint Implosive Potential for extra haste. That ability is not in my Talent Trees and I could benefit from that ability.

Let’s be clear….you don’t have to do anything. Blizzard is supposedly tuning down the content to account for the Tier Set power loss.

Some people might want to have some fun for the next month with some crazy power combos.


Ok, thanks. I really had not considered that yet…appreciate your input.