Dragalia Lost

Anyone else playing Dragalia Lost? I just started getting into it in the last week or so just in time for the silly Halloween event. Never been much into JRPGs but this one clicks with me and is a lot of fun and has a lot of personality. Really feels like being part of a medieval anime. The mix of 3D and 2D is cool too.

They also have a comic strip featuring the characters on the website and in the app. :smiley:

Website - https://dragalialost.com/en/
reddit - https://reddit.com/r/DragaliaLost/

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Still any good? I’ve thought about it since it’s Nintendo.

Enjoying the hell out of it. Gameplay, graphics and music are great and the story and characters are a lot of fun. The developers are very responsive and generous and the events are well done generally too. Rumored big event coming soon where they will add the earth element but we’ll see… give it a try!

I picked Dragalia Lost up during this 1st Anniversary event to give it a look and take advantage of all the free gifts. I’m impressed and can see why Dragalia Lost is so highly regarded. :sunglasses:

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I haven’t been playing as much as I’ve been distracted by Borderlands 3 but still checking in and enjoy it. Lots of fun.