A term fairly new to me, Doxxing. is anyone else familiar with and have experienced, Thanks ahead of time.

What does it mean? I don’t think I have ever heard it before.

Doxxing is finding someone who wishes to be anonymous’s information and posting it on the internet, typically with some implied threat.

E.g. taking one of our user names, finding a related IP address, then finding a physical address, and then posting it in a public forum with the intent to shame or otherwise harm that user.

Some people need to start gaming! They have way too much time on their hands.

It’s basically the digital equivalent of old mobster practices. “Nice house you have there, shame if something would happen to it.”

PS. It’s also illegal in a fair amount of countries, people over here have been sentenced to jail if their ‘reveal’ actually caused real damage to someone.

It’s also often targeted at journalists, professors, politicians, etc., who live fairly public lives and may take positions that basement-dwellers disagree with. Then suddenly things like their home phone numbers, where their kids go to school, relatives’ addresses get published. It’s usually done to scare people into shutting up.

A variation or escalation is called swatting, when someone calls the police and says “at such-and-such address, some guy is holding his family hostage, and I heard gunshots.” Wildly illegal, and I know at least one person has died as a result.

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There are other stuff where it can be used. Such as finding information about people and using it to your advantage or Harassment or Stalking from what I read. I hope it does become a federal felony. Which will enable all police to access the records of those individuals that caught doing it. The article I read which had President Trump, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton as 3 individuals that had it done. Possible 3-4 years and 10k fine. Take care.

Can we not go there?

This reminds me of that hilarious Real ID push blizzard was doing a while back. I really don’t understand their thinking there.