Downloading now!

Good evening, everyone!
Long time member of OTG (I started back in early 2006 with DDO) but I’ve not had a gaming computer for a while now. That ended the other night.
I’m downloading SWL as I type. I followed this game throughout it’s creation hoping it would be amazing but was never able to play it. When it changed to SWL it looked as though it wasn’t going to be successful but I’ve held out hope.
I guess I’m going to find out tonight, regardless, as I’m getting ready to try out the FTP stuff on Steam.

Talk to everyone later!

SWL is a game I keep coming back to, because the missions/questing is probably the best in any online game I’ve played.

And the new combat system isn’t bad either :slight_smile:

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Well I’m up to level 13 or so. Having fun but I’ve only seen a couple of other people online. I guess it really shows that this game has lost massive numbers.
Oh well. I’m going to see how far I can solo!

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You will only see other people in Agartha pretty much, since they changed it so the playfields have at most about 5 people in them.

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