Does the game evolve much after lvl 10? Because I'm not hooked yet

I have played a lot of MMOs, so don’t think that I’m just not used to what they are like. I just started this one a few days ago and am lvl 11ish. Not high yet I know. But the whole time so far has been simple courier missions, kill x number of y, and little stories about how trading works, etc. The combat is pretty old school.

I love GuildWars2, Elder Scrolls Online, SWtOR, but this one has not been able to hook me yet.

If I am not enthralled with it yet, is anything going to change that will? Or is this just not for me. I’m not sure exactly what it is. Can’t put finger on it


Am curious what others post here!

Well the number of buttons you get per class greatly increases as you gain levels, so that evolves. :?) . So much that a chosen ‘class’ literally becomes a ‘job’ after a certain level. This is an accurate term in my experience to reflect how complex jobs are to truly master.

And the game has a beautiful aesthetic that appeals to some people who create amazing characters and homes. You can spend all of your time just doing one of those.

And if you are interested the ‘multiplayer’ aspect of FFXIV, it can not be beat with such a friendly and supportive culture. No toxicity allowed here. Personally I spend my time doing group content to socialize and kill time.

I despise the grind aspect of FFXIV, so much that I do not play other mmo’s because feel have payed my dues in FFXIV; and no longer recommend mmo’s to my friends.

I have no experience with other mmo’s, so can not speak to any comparisons.

But I do play FFXIV almost every day for past 3 years…


The story evolves along with your abilities… soon you will get our own chocobo to ride and things will start moving along a bit faster. You will be able to hire retainers who can sell your goods on the Market Board. Perhaps you’ll take up a gathering profession and work on that alongside your combat job. I found the game started sinking it’s hooks in after level 30 or so.


I would suggest you play until at least level 30, if the story hasn’t hooked you by then, then the game may not be for you, It isn’t for everyone. Up until your first dungeon at around level 16, the game is just a tutorial.


I also agree, it may be too early. You can get through those low levels of older games so quickly. I suggest you focus on your main story quest and ignore the side quests for now. It lets you get into the story quicker. Some would argue against that, because the side quests can enrich the story of the area and people around you. However, I’ve found I have more than enough experience with just my main story and a handful of other priorities that I’m saving side quests for alt jobs.

Once that story grabs you, you’re in trouble :stuck_out_tongue: If it doesn’t, hey. FF is one of the majors and should be tried, even if it turns out to not be your thing. If you haven’t already, join the FC and say hi, or bug us in Discord.


I’ve seen people talking about gathering resources and even saw someone mining, but I haven’t been able to do that. Do I need to join one of the other guilds for that, like a miner’s guild?

You can pick up Mining in Ul’dah. It is called the miner’s guild, but it’s just picking up a series of quests, not joining a guild.

Like Rosy said, mining is in Ul’dah. Botany is in Gridania and Fishing is in Limsa Lominsa. You might want to pick up the one in your home city first! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The game was a very slow burn for me. I think all the jobs (classes) feel pretty horrible at low levels and don’t really come into their own until 60+. The difference between low levels and higher levels is night and day, but it’s a long push to get there.

What made it worthwhile for me in the end was the story. It just gets better, and better, and better. If you’re not into story, then slogging through the low levels may be too much of a hurdle to your enjoyment.

I personally love the game. It may be one of the most engaging I’ve ever played. However, there were SEVERAL times from 1-50 that I thought about quitting.


I do think you need to have your 1st job at level 10 before you can even look at other jobs? Might be why it didn’t stand out to you at the time.

I came from guild wars2 which i had played for years and I did find FFXIV slow and tedious at first. It wasn t until the story started to grab me that I found it entertaining. It is a very intricate rather complicated game when you start gathering and crafting, which I enjoy. Give it a bit of time.


Short answer yes.

Long answer, very yes after you get through the ARR slog.

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