Does OTG have a guild in WoW?

Just wanted to see if OTG have a guild within World of Warcraft, hopefully on the alliance side as most of my characters are on that side currently. lol.


Yes, we do. Our chapters are very old. :grin: Alliance, Horde and Classic all have chapters.

You can post your Alliance Intraguild Request at this link:

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is the guild name Old Timers Guild because I tried searching and am I to assume with the intraguild link it’s a horde guild? lol I would have to see if I can get help to change some of my characters back to Horde which I don’t mind. I was horde from 2004 till just January of this year so it would be that hard to switch back. :slight_smile:

We have Horde and Alliance guilds. You can see more information in the Chapter Information category.

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@Chris422 nope, the link I posted is Alliance. Let me know if you need help. The link will take you to the bottom of a very long thread. All you have to do is reply to get an invite.

UPDATE: @Chris422 you won’t be able to post in that thread until your application process to OTG is complete. That’s why you can’t find the actual thread. Once the joining process is done the private channels will open for you.


Ok tyvm for the info

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What is the guild name I should search for, thinking of switching over all my characters to the OTG guild just wanted to make sure if was active and having many on that play. :slight_smile:

@Chris422 - Welcome to OTG! Once you have put in your Intraguild request at the link below, we will send you a letter with all the information you will need. We have several guilds to accommodate multiple alts. All guild names are a version of Old Timers Guild. But everything you need will be in the letter. Just make a post in the thread linked below.

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