Does OTG have a chapter in EVE Online?

Does OTG have a chapter in EVE Online? I have just finished my tutorial and have tons of questions. If they do still have a chapter in the game, please advise as to what I will need to do to join it.


What you need to know about the chapter should be in the Chapter Information section for that chapter. Eve’s section is here: EVE Chapter Information - Old Timers Guild

They have a recruitment post with instructions there, as well as some other important info.

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We are not very active at the moment, but I log in every day in the evening.

I log in daily to “earn my daily” reward and possibly shoot at NPC’s. I mostly spin in station as I figure out what I want to do when I grow up. But hey theMittani is stepping down from GSF.

First Provi and now Goons? What is happening to Eve?