Does Blizz Allow In-Home Streaming?

Does anyone know what’s Blizz’s current official stance on in-home steaming from one of my PCs to another? Using either Steam or Parsec’s in-home streaming. I know they changed their rules before BFA came out and cloud computing on services like Parsec’s cloud computers or Nvidia Now, gets you banned. That’s why I’m a bit worried. I don’t know if their detection methods are able to differentiate between in-home streaming or cloud-based.

And yes, I’m thinking of returning.

They already allow streaming to Facebook via Blizzard Stream, I don’t see how they can stop you from in-home streaming. I don’t even know how they could tell it was getting streamed to a SteamLink.

I haven’t heard/read anything about it since this, which was July 2018:

Do they let you play the game through facebook? Is the poster asking about the thing on steam where I can log onto a game I have downloaded on one PC and play on another.

Thank you for the responses. I couldn’t find much specific info about it either that’s why I decided to ask if anyone here knew. I’m talking about loading the game on one computer and using software on another computer to actually play it.

With the weather getting warmer, it’s not that comfortable to play games in my computer room, where my good computer is. But I can use Parsec or Steam to sit in my living room, playing the game on an old computer I have hooker up to the TV, while my good computer is running the game and making the much smaller computer room unbearably warm.

From what I read into it, something local like Steamlink is good. Streaming to twitch or Facebook is ok. I don’t know Parsec, but if the game loads on a PC outside of your home network, it sounds like it could be cause for a ban. Even nvidianow is verboten.

Even if you were banned for streaming using said service it probably be something you can appeal. They tend to ban if it interferes with fair gameplay as outlined in the terms of service. Usually applications outside of this range don’t trigger false flags unless it’s doing something fishy to the client.

Thank you all for your help. I’ll give it a shot when things heat up too much and we’ll see what happens.