Does anyone use Discord?

So I have been playing this for about a week now. Kinda confusing but getting use to it. Notice no one is ever in discord. Could really use some help I am struggling with the controls. Also I am not sure how to reach out to anyone as I can not quit figure out the chat and reply options. Also I have messages showing up at the top of my screen constantly showing server information such as {Person} failed enchantment or person reached level. How do I get rid of this.

I just recently went through the process myself it is a little confusing. It seems like when it comes to discord for OTG and BDO the prevalant Discord is the BDOTG Discord server moreso than the OTG Discord server. You can find a link for the BDO specific discord ingame on the guild info page, that’s how I found it.

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Settings-> General Settings -> Alerts. Set them all to off.