Does anyone still play No Man's Sky on PC?

With all of these update’s I have recently logged into my NMS account to find it more pleasant to play. Curious if anyone else have found this to be the same. Anyone else been playing on PC?

I’ve only played it on PC. But I gave up on this new update for now.

There are SO many issues that just piss me off, that it’s pointless for me to keep on trying.

I’ve noticed Ships disappearing in stations and trade posts. I’ll watch them come in, get out, run a scan, S CLASS OH GREAT move over to wheel and deal, ship pops out of existence. That’s frustrating. I’m working on getting all of the portal symbols to portal to ships, worlds, and equipment that a super cool.

I want to play, still needs more time in the oven.

I am playing NMS, was in VR but its not nearly as good looking that way, also just slower overall.

i actually just started playing it again like 3 days ago. I hadnt played since the original hype and heard good things about the game now and changes it has made. So far I am having a great time playing, but still having a hard time figuring everything out and having such a limited inventory space sucks the most. But I find the game cool and relaxing to play.

Make sure you buy an inventory extension at every new space station you get to.

I plan on buying it soon and will be playing it on PC only. PC FTW!

They’ve made a lot of convenience improvements so you can purchase construction and other blueprints specifically instead of randomly awarding them. Even just the (visited) tag on NPCs is nice. There’s also quite a bit currently broken with the expansion - I can’t get large planters or first aid stations to power up all.

BlockquoteMake sure you buy an inventory extension at every new space station you get to.

You can also buy a new inventory slot on the Nexus Station at each new system you visit. (The upgrade station is to the right of the exosuit vendor.) So summon often!

How would we play together? I’ll be on a bit till Wow classic come out. I have lots of assets to help someone out as I’ve been playing since start.

If you’re on Steam, you can basically join any of your friends’ games if they haven’t disabled it.

That sir is in fact, exactly the loader I use. I’ll share my name here and maybe we can get together.

I just got back into this playing on the PC. I gotta lotta catching up to do.

been playing it a bit on PS4, though I picked it up on steam in a sale a bit ago. was thinking of starting a PC playthrough and putting some of the knowledge I’ve gained in play with some of the youtube videos I’ve seen(though need to find glyphs in any playthrough for some of the really nice ones :smiley: )

What type of screen name do we share from Steam? The Account name to be able to play with others?

If anyone in your friendslist is playing NMS you can join their game. So you need to get the friended first. And the name you’re looking for there is whatever they’ve called themselves :slight_smile:

Ok, I think I’m Bentley on steam if you want to add me and fly the friendly skies together. I have a little of everything on PC. I’m Working on building a Iridium mining operation using miners, supply depots and electromagnetic generators. the planet I have landed on to collect the mineral is extreme cold so I cant be out of my ship for more than 45 seconds. Gonna try and work on my cold resist gear. If there is anything you need, let me know, I finally just got the final portal symbol for those hard to get places. Let me know. WOW Classic starts in a couple days!!

I am Ryukan on Steam, I just started playing again after being away from the game for years. I just got the free frigate so I’m working on getting that expanded and just catching up hehe.

Maybe we can meet up in game and I can help you out. I have some useful resources and can make cool stuff you may need. If if you need coin I can harvest or make pretty lucrative stuff.