Do'em while you can

Cryptic is rebalancing the tour of duties for Klingon and Ferengi. No longer will you get flat out 30k dil ore from 10/10 for each tour after the 3rd of march Klingon will give 50k FLEET dil voucher and Ferengi will give 30k DIL POOL upon completion. It hurts for farmers but then again you can only grind 8k per day so as long as you have that your still ok. With this in mind perhaps slotting those vanity projects should be looked on as there will be more chances to drop dil now that this is going to be in place. I would rather drop the dil into fleet than into the armada.

I thought we finished most of the vanity projects except for the colony worlds.

What is Dilithium POOL vs Dil Ore?

Definitely a nerf to Zen farming via 8k dil per cahracter per day
Admirality is how I got most of my 8k ore per day quickly

They started already. I had 3 toons 10/10 they just gave me vouchers which suck. As far as the vanity I think FED side is good was more leaning on the KDF side but since we do not have T5 SB yet nor T5 colony its a moot issue. Also be careful put your dill into the exchange temporarly because it snatches your dil first before the voucher which isn’t suppose to happen.

Dil Pool means when you complete the Ferengi 10/10 tour of duty you get 30k bonus like fleet marks or reputaion mark bonuses. Instead of flat out giving you 30k they attach it to activities that generate dil and slowly pay you the 30k out to you, you still get 30k just not right away.

Ok, I thought it was like the old way where you would only spend it on Fleet or Reputation projects.

I think they upped the Klingon reward to 40K but made it Fleet Dil only. At least that is what I remember from when I looked at it a few days ago.