Do you have a VR setup? Which type and what are your favorite games?

I have the PS4 VR setup which I absolutely love. I can’t wait to see how VR progresses going forward. Might even get it for the PS5. According to my son, the camera will be built into the VR headset instead of a separate component and hopefully the graphics will improve some even though they aren’t all that bad now but they could be better.
I have to say, Resident Evil Biohazard was terrifying in VR but so awesome at the same time. Super Hot was and is a great game - simple yet so much fun and Rush of Blood is another of my favorites. I played a few others - Farpoint I believe is one of them but those were the truly memorable ones. I keep going back to Rush of Blood and Super hot just because they are that replayable.

I’m a little envious of those who can do VR. It looks like a blast and fascinating technology. I’ve tried it twice, but I become disoriented and terribly nauseous.

Have fun with it!

I have had the Vive setup for years, fully wireless, but have to wear a battery also. I have grown tired of replacing lightstations and need one to run again atm. Originally I used the Vive with the wire attached, but after playing without it, its hard to use a wire again.
You are limited in game choice by your platform, one of the top games out for sp is Half Life Alyx. Quite a few multiplayer games out also. Most enjoyed game in VR for me was Fallout 3 with all the added content, next best was Skyrim with the extra content. I was even able to use a few mods to make it easier to use in VR.
Anyone new to VR will always be first impressed by the scale of things, its so much different when you are placed in frame like VR does. Glad you are enjoying the experience :grinning:

I have the Steam Index. I haven’t used it much since I got it because of ongoing sinus issues that make it hard to use the headset without it becoming uncomfortable. The headset is fine when I do use it, but sinus pressure and sinus headaches don’t go well with VR. Fortunately, when I have used it I don’t suffer from the motion-sickness and/or disorientation that some folks experience.

I have a list of VR games already I have to get on playing, once my sinus stuff clears up some. I have Half-Life Alyx, Megaton Rainfall, Acan’s Call, Into The Radius, Seeking Dawn, Arizona Sunshine and After The Fall. I also want to check out the upcoming VR MMO game Zenith, but it’s not available on Steam yet. Currenlty hoping to get in on some co-op with After The Fall when I start getting back into the VR gaming. I do love what I have experienced so far, very immersive.

Oh. I forgot about Arizona Sunshine. That’s a good one.

I got that way with flying sims in VR. Brought me to my knees

I honestly haven’t touched mine in over a year. It’s immersive and fun, yes, but the obvious downside is lack of situational awareness of the real world around you while the headset is on. Tripping over cats is kind of immersion breaking. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, the games I have enjoyed the most in VR have been:

No Man’s Sky
Half-Life Alyx
Fallout 4 VR
Skyrim VR

Always wanted to try this (freakin cracks me up!!): Cooking Simulator VR on Steam

Well, that is different

Needs to add Gordon Ramsey yelling at the player.


Yeah, but then the game is gonna get a rated M for Mature warning on it for sure hehe.

Minimally. lol

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Oculus 2 here…favorite titles being Pistol Whip, Demeo, and In Death: Unchained

How is the Oculus? I’ve only used the PS4 VR so far

No complaints. It’s crazy fun, but is also the only VR system I’ve ever played. I do love it being totally wireless. I’m holding out now to get the new VR set for PS5. Betting on that being really good setup. I had my eyes on the PS4 VR for a long time but never jumped in on it. My kids both got Oculus 2 for Christmas so I ended up getting my own to play with them. Borderline addictive. Luckily my stamina (or lack of) pulls me out of some of those games. Lose time quick in there. lol

I have the Oculus One and not a big fan. My daughters play stand alone games all the time. From the games I’ve played on steam Half Life is amazing, Senua’s Sacrifice is good, I’ve been meaning to try No Mans Sky and Skyrim. Elite Dangerous is great, but the expansion isn’t in VR which messes up the whole VR side of the game.

I DL a stand alone WW1 Biplane game which is fun dog fighting, but pretty much a one and done. Except for my daughters who just like to fly and don’t care about dog fighting