DNS Flush

I was unaware with computers with regards to connection to most online games. I was having problems with Starwars Battlefront 2, MTG Arena and some with a skyrim mod called Enderal. I flushed the dns it cleared it up.

I suggest making a periodic flush of the DNS on a monthly basis. It should help. Take care all, “Stay Safe Out There”

I routinely do this when my connection is… wonky. I have also used it at work to clear up customer’s connection issues. Takes ten seconds to do and if it doesn’t clear things up it took very little time to do.

For those unfamiliar… open a command prompt and type in (without the quotes) “ipconfig /flushdns” and just hit enter. It clears the dns cache in your router so that it will have to go out to the internet again to retrieve dns addresses.

I’m not sure if my Windows 10 is different from the version you are using but the correct command for me was (without the quotes) “ipconfig /flushdns". Just thought I’d put that out there for those who don’t get a successful flush the first time.

If at first you don’t succeed, flush, flush again? :toilet:

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Here is the full series of commands MTG Arena had posted for doing this with Windows 10. Radiator Flush =P

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You’re correct… I mis-typed it. I corrected it. Thanks.

i have a homemade bat file sitting on my desktop just for this ;p

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If the flush doesn’t do the trick , a bucket of hot soapy water usually works :smiley:

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Or get fiber.