Dnd 5e Out of the Abyss game, looking for players

Hello all, so I am playing in a DnD 5e game for the Out of the Abyss adventure campaign and our group is looking for one or two players to fill in for some players that left the game. This is a non-guild affiliated game so you would have to join a separate Discord server for the game. Details below

Game: DnD 5e Out of the Abyss
Day and time: every other Saturday at 3pm EST
Current lvl of the party: Level 5
VTT platform: Roll20

Post here or PM me if you are interested in joining the game and I’ll get you in touch with the DM.

I would be very interested in playing. I love this particular book.

Sounds good, let me get in touch with the GM and I’ll see about getting you invited to the game and the Discord server.

Are you still trying to put to gather a group? if so I would be interested

@Dacheese Looking at the date of the last post before yours, this thread appears to be over 4 years old. Not sure if Ryu is actually still watching it or not. Same for the other post you did in the other thread yesterday. You might want to PM him directly here on the Forums to find out.


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Normally I wouldn’t be watching these threads anymore, but I got the notifications of the posts so I actually did notice hehe. @Dacheese I’ll get with you in a PM here.