Division2 clan info

here is some links to help everyone understand clans better in the division2
Clans in TD2

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@hossman and @Cefwyn need to get on this hype train!

I pre-ordered!

gimme a code yo!

Still not a ton of info there, but there is some info. I would like more specifics, which we will get on beta day! : )

Will we be standing up a clan on Xbox One?

We don’t typically get enough interest to set up guilds on consoles as the guild as a whole is mainly PC based. We will set up a clan on the PC version and if interest warrants a console guild then we’ll consider it.

Thanks for your swift response. I hope it’s different this time. What are the rules on joining a Non-OTG console based clan if we don’t have one?

there arent any rules against members joining a different guild. Just be aware that if you form your own clan for console, it should not be called Old Timers Guild or OTG etc. or in any way represent that it is an official OTG clan.

Gotcha. Thanks.