Division 2 on PS4?

I see a thread to sign up for D2 on the XBox, but none for the PS4. Yeah, I’ve a PS4 guy. Am I out of luck?

I’ve got the PS4 version myself and would like an answer also? Is there a clan?

@griz @fireman644 As of right now there is no official General Games sanctioned clan on PS4. I had asked for feedback on the community page gauging interest. I had very little response. Neither of my PS4 NCOs were playing.

Is there interest beyond more than 2 members? Right now I can’t tell.

Looks like maybe @Kindreadth “part time”? We need people to focus on sharing this info on one thread :slight_smile:

Dern. Got it on PS4 as well.

Yeah I’m at World Tier 1 on PS4 atm. Sub lvl 30 on PC (laptop). Trying to talk myself into buying/building a new computer. Not convinced yet…

@griz I dropped you a PM on this

@griz will help manage a clan if anyone is still interested.

Thanks @griz!

I’m on PS4 and would be interested. Did this ever gain any traction?

I believe @griz created a clan and can invite. let me know if I’ve misspoken @griz.

What do I search for in clans to request an invite?

I just changed my OTG account name to match my PS4 ID which is TheAeonsophia. I think I’m friends with many of you on PS4. I started a clan (OLD) in Division 2 which you are all welcome to join. It is in no way an official OTG clan nor am I an NCO but the clans youngest member that I know of is nearly forty and it’s a laid back no drama sort of clan.

TheAeonsophia (Used to be Androphonos on OTG)