Discord Temp Channels


In an effort to bring attention to the fact that members were playing Apex Legends, I created a temp channel for those LFG in Apex. During the process I discovered some inconveniences/inefficiencies that could perhaps use some TLC.

  1. The channel creation bot is a great tool, it took some guesswork on how to make it do anything though. Judging by previous text in the channel, others also had trouble figuring it out. A pinned message with commands and maybe an example or 2 would be a great addition to the bot.

  2. Once I managed to create the channel, I felt as though it could not fulfill its purpose(gain attention) well due to it being at the very bottom of the list. If I was looking for a channel I did not know existed, I probably would have stopped by every text channel on the way down. Sort of like hitting all the branches on the way down a tree. A location change (maybe around the public and private channels) would help with visibility.

Now I do realize that the forums help with these problems. I have also noticed, however, that not all members use both the forums and discord. Maybe these are just symptoms of a larger problem, I don’t know :smiley: . I felt compelled to say something just in case.

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Thank you for the feedback! We will add your #1 to our discussions and planning.

For # 2: You read our minds. This move was actually requested earlier today (crazy timing!!). Watch for changes!



Cool beans, thanks.