Discord Tags?

What are the thoughts of having people assigning themselves tag for the games they are playing. This may require some work but this would allow people in the games they are playing to utilize the @ function to tag a group of people instead of trying to figure out individuals. just make tags simple. @SWTOR, @WOW, @EVERQUEST, @(Game title) to get the attention of the game players in discord so we all can reach out to everyone in that group quickly and easily. I feel it would be simple enough for people to go and assign themselves a tag for themselves of the game(s) they are playing.

Isn’t that what the channels are for? OTOH, tagging works to get push notifications on the mobile app.

not everyone reads the channels. I’ve heard this from others when they state when was that posted etc…

Things that are to be somewhat permanent, like announcements that members should read, really belong on the forums. Discord is not permanent. We have no real control of it’s history like we do the forums.

yes we do, just use the search bar. :slight_smile: on the other hand no one looks at the pins. :frowning:

I understand we can search the history, but we don’t own the data or the server. The logs are meh and without using a pin, the conversations can scroll out of view in seconds. The best place for static data is on a platform made for static data. :grinning:

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Having discord tags wouldn’t prevent that. Some people never visit the forums and some never use discord for whatever reasons. This would help reach both groups.

I’ve been wanting something like this for awhile but figured it would be too much work. But we have bots now and people can assign themselves to whatever game they want.

Maybe I need to be clearer about what I’m asking for in the tag / grouping.

So I’m thinking of ease of tagging people to help people group up to do content in the games we all play. I’m going to use wow as an example. Both classic and retail. So say you are looking for some people to do dungeons or raid. Whatever the case may be. people could belong to a grp for Dungeons or Raid where you could put into discord “@WOW-Dungeons” or “@WOW-Raids” to ask everyone whom is in that group to look and log in if they have time and are willing to help to do that task you are trying to do. That would help save up time and let all those whom are in that group that someone is looking or a group of people are looking etc… This could be easily done for all the MMO’s we are all playing.

This would include everyone in that group and allow for everyone to have a easier time of finding people. Be honest, How many of you know every person in the guild and what they all play by heart without looking it up. I know I certainly don’t. and by the time I look it up they could have logged off as they were bored. I don’t do the cherry picking of people to run things with.

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I like the idea, Arcano. Plays to Discord’s strengths. It might even work! :stuck_out_tongue:

No idea regarding how difficult it would be to implement, though.

Now THIS is different. Because tags can actually send PUSH notifications, tagging for LFG using push would be very handy for putting together ad hoc groups in the moment. This would be very helpful and would be a worthwhile upgrade to our server. :smile:

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On the surface this is a fairly simple bot to write and easy request. The issue is that we are not a small community with a single focus. Discord “tags” are not actually tags, they are server roles. Each server has a strict limit on the number of roles that can be created. Many servers do implement this type of functionality and it works well for them. If we only support 1 or 2 games it would likely work here as well.

Most times we are asked to implement a new feature, we can simply weight if that is a good feature or not for the community or how easily it can be maintained. Those requests however do not generally put us in a position where we may need to hurt one chapter to please another. This is a feature that could very well put us in that position where we need to take from one chapter to give to another.

Pardon me for asking but how many roles do we have? How many can we have max? Maybe some of these can be combined (IE:just have 1 setup for a game group only) I’m just curious here is all.

Alternatively, as even things that get put on the ‘do it!’ list take time, have you considered working on solutions with your chapter staff using existing tools? Some chapters have made use of events channels, so that a member could turn on alerts for just that channel. Each user has the ability to see/hide/be notified of whatever they set up on their end.

I think there are some good ideas here, but perhaps there are other ways to accomplish what you’re after?

The best thing about roles is that even on huge servers, they send push notifications to your phone when @'d. :wink:

I see what you have said. but not everyone checks often enough. With push notifications it kind of draws your attention outright with a hey look at me type of thing, instead of a thing that you will see if you look at discord at that time, which can be hours later.

But I admit this idea is mute if we don’t have enough roles to utilize for it available to us anyhow. I realize the roles part is our limiting factor, hince why I was asking about how many we are currently using etc. I’m guessing we would need 1 role setup just to sort thru the push notifications of the groups, another to send to the right group, another to tag the people in the grp and another to send the notification. I’m spit balling here with guesses of course.

No, all you need to do is @role and it will send a push notification if the user has set them up. I get one every morning from my Overseas Casual Island server. (FFXIV)

ok so the role is that each person on the discord server has a individual role then? as in I type @arcano mean I’m an individual role or are the roles setup group of people like I was hoping for us to do?

If there is a role called @wow-a-lfg, everyone that has that role will get notified (depending on their settings, ofc).

There are bots that exist or can be written where you can have a channel containing all the available roles and the user can assign them to themselves.


That is what I’m thinking it would be helpful for the guild overall.

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Unfortunately, after some discussion, we don’t have the resources to take up this suggestion at this point.

Aside from the as-yet-unresolved question of how to manage the discord limits (which is our problem, not yours), it’s a perfectly good suggestion. It’s just that it’s a lot of work to put in place, and we can’t see our way to it right now.

That could change in the future, but I wanted to set expectations appropriately. I’m sorry, Arcano.