Discord Roles and Clean-up

Pretense; don’t take this as a harsh criticism, it’s just my suggestions and observations, I know a lot goes into running OTG and there are things I don’t know or understand, I just want to help.

I’m finding the Discord to be very cluttered and hard to navigate. While I can eventually find what I’m looking for the entire discord feels over-organized like what would be needed for a forum.

I have a couple of suggestions that might help:

  1. Add roles per game/channel: By added a role to a specific channel then allowing members to pick what they want to see. For example, if I don’t play World of Warcraft I don’t really want to see the World of Warcraft Channels. With a role that is specific to that group of channels I could opt-out of seeing them entirely.

  2. Less organization: I do understand the desire to keep Discord organized like the forums, but it’s counter-productive. A game is a game regardless if it’s a shooter, an ARPG, in Alpha or has been around for 25 years. Allow a group label (Name of the game) then 1 group chat, multiple voice channels for various things (Lobby, Group 1,2,3+) and that’s it. If there is an announcement by the chapter lead, they can post it with a @role in Lobby and make it a pin, then take the pin down when it’s no longer relevant. Everyone with that role will get a notification and they can read it in the moment or next time they’re online.

I’d like to see the Discord be a little more user friendly, those are just my suggestion to help at the moment.


Hello @Halberd !

We appreciate your suggestions and will discuss them with the appropriate parties.

In the meantime, and regardless of what is or isn’t implemented, you can close categories you don’t want to see, if that helps. On the list of channels, the > symbol will expand and collapse categories, and make things a little easier to find. (screenshot below is my current look, as I’m playing WoW at the moment and have closed off other areas for now).

As far as pins, those are be maintained by the Chapter Leader/XO of that area. If you see pins that are cluttered or out of date, please speak to those leaders specifically. If it’s a public area, you can message @ux-staff . If you’re not sure which leaders to ask about a specific gaming area, just ask in that channel or we’d be happy to poke someone for you.

I hope this helps regardless of what is or isn’t implemented (or when!). Thank you so much for your ideas, they really are appreciated!

Passing on to tech for discussion! Leaving this one unlocked for a few in case anyone wants to add anything. It’s a good one for discussions.

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Perhaps we need another contest! It’s been a while.

Hey @Hashberry ,

Thanks for the fast reply.

I can certainly appreciate the fact of keeping the Discord channels open to all, same as the forums, and I do keep the groups I’m not a part of minimized/hidden/muted. I’m sure the reasoning behind it was discussed and decided upon as a way to keep it open to anyone who wanted to hop into a channel if they were interested in a game to talk with those currently playing.

It was also not my intention to spark a debate, was just a suggestion since I’ve seen other game-related groups do similar and their Discord server also range in the hundreds. Their reasoning was mainly to get folks to use the main lobby to talk and chat while keeping the game specific areas to when folks were playing or needed to talk about that game in an organic way.

I tend to advocate for a cleaner interface over more options just as a personal preference, which hiding the labels and muting the channels individually does accomplish. My thought was if it was set as a default to have to ‘request’ certain channels more folks would communicate in the ‘public’ lobby area and use Discord more as a social network platform instead of just a forum replacement/voice comms.

Raiding and death on a new boss :stuck_out_tongue: :skull_and_crossbones:

Check out the loony lobby sometime #looby up in the private lobby. A bunch of us hang out there for general chat. Would love to see more hanging out with us. We even try to be nice. :angel:

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I agree with Halberd that roles can be very useful. It would be an opt in approach as opposed to an opt out. A channel where we can “pick from a menu” would be interesting (if possible).

I do, however, understand that it would not necessarily be the easiest thing to grasp for a portion of our members (some of whom are already turned off from discord).

Either way Hashberry and company do a great job! Keep up the great work! :smiley:


I also would find Halberd’s suggestions really useful. I do minimize the sections, but often (I’m guessing when Discord updates?) they expand again without my say-so, and I have to do it all over again. And again, hahaha.

you can also right-click the category and mute it forever. Don’t forget to collapse it so you dont see the channels in it. :slight_smile: