Discord - No activity or do I have a potential issue?

I just returned after a break of almost 2 years (Morrowind was the last time I played).

I have Discord all set up (or at least think I do) but have seen no one using the voice chat feature since my return a week ago. Is it really not used or do I have a potential configuration issue?

There are 2 people in active voice and 2 in AFK voice. Are you actually registered on the OTG Discord, or are you just using the public channels?

I am using the OTG Discord as far as I know.

Right now I’m at work but I’ve been on it every night this week and haven’t seen anyone in voice. I see a number of members down the right side but none seem to be in voice. I’ll have to do some more digging when I get home tonight I guess.

@Xyrax, I didn’t notice your name in the Discord members list. Check out this post when you come back. If you can see and type in the Discord #welcome channel, you aren’t registered yet. :grin: