Discord LFG Channel

Could we have a generic “looking for group” channel on the Discord server? It would only be for finding others for a specific game, activity, etc. as opposed to a chat conversation. The easiest way to enforce that is to just enable slow mode in the channel. I’ve seen this on other servers with mixed success depending on how busy the servers are. The typical posts would be things like:

  • I’m available to play cod for the next two hours if anyone wants to play.
  • Diablo IV is coming out soon. DM me if you will be also be buying it and want to play together.
  • I really like jumping games and I play during the day in PST. Would anyone like to join in?
  • I like this old obscure game that nobody else in the world likes. If you ever see this post and want to play it I will quit my job immediately so I can play it whenever you are available.

None of these apply to me, but you get the idea. If this stuff is in a dedicated channel people can easily see both recent and older posts that are specifically about grouping up.


#gg-lfg sounds like a win to me. :wink:

I guess that’s a no then.

Goodness, time flies. Following up on this.