Discord Chat/Voice

Courtesy of our outstanding relationship with General Games, there is now a text and voice channel for Anthem in the (soon to be moving out of…) Game Development section. Happy chatting! :speaking_head:

Don’t forget to utilize the temp channel bot if you need!


We understand there is no cross-play between PC - PS4 - XBox One so we’ll see how this goes for the weekend.


I hope they add cross play, I have a friend who only wants to play on the xbone.

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Will there be multiple group channels for people to join?

I think I will pop in on discord chat to see what y’all pc’er master race people are saying about the game.

Sooo, how exactly does that work? I can’t find anything the the OTG discord.

Link here: https://forums.oldtimersguild.com/t/otg-discord-invite-link/220
Don’t forget to scroll down and read the second post in the thread explaining what to do when you get to our server. the pin in the welcome channel explains it too.

Any chance we’re going to get some permanent group channels kind of setup like the division2 is. I know we can create temporary channels but it would be nice if we have permanent channels the game is considered fully launched after all.

Almost released. February 22 is the release date that I’ve seen. Anthem is going to General Games at release. Let me talk to @Benbrada and see what he wants for Anthem.

I can kind of get that; my pc is decent and I have to play on the lowest graphics settings at 1920x1080; my XB1X will play it in 4k in much nicer settings. I figure it will cost me around $800 to upgrade my PC, not including the graphics card which needs an update too.

So even though my computer does play Anthem at a decent frame rate, and looks ok on the low settings, I did buy the XB1 version and will be playing on there probably into the future when the game fully launches.

For reference, my PC is: i7 860 @ 2.8GHz (no. not an 8600, an 860) which was amazing for many years now; EVGA 970ti FTW which is pretty old now too but can play some games in 4k and HDR; 8GB RAM which works pretty well but really isn’t quite enough any more. I wouldn’t recommend playing Anthem on a system with any lower specs than that.

I’d play every game on a console if they used a keyboard and mouse. My thumbs are all thumbs when it comes to the controller. I’ve tried to get used to those things for 20 years now and I can’t seem to get it.

Good, we can have you set up the clan there in March or so when they’ve targeted clan support :wink:

I have it on PC.

I hear you there. Anthem doesn’t seem to have aim-assist either, so I use aoe type things on my Colossus like shotgun, grenade launcher, flamethrower and flame wall launcher. But yeah, aiming is a pita!

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