Discord causes problems with SWTOR

Whenever I plug in my headphones and open up discord to use while playing SWTOR, the game is left in a state that requires Task Manager to get out of. This state has 2 primary qualities (so far): 1) unplugging the headphones doesn’t re-route audio back to the Line Out jack, requiring a game restart to fix, and 2) attempting to restart the game results in a game hang that requires Task Manager to kill.

Has anyone encountered issues like this? If so, do you know of a fix or way to bypass them? Is there a recommended order for launching and exiting SWTOR and Discord when using both together?

Don’t have any specifics, but are you starting both SWTOR and Discord in Administrator mode? And if it all fails, you can always use the web version of Discord, which will route your audio through the web browser, which should give less problems to begin with :slight_smile:

Most likely it’s the overlay of Discord causing the issues in the first place, is my experience. (And one of the reasons I removed the app and only use web based now)

Hm. I launch both from the taskbar. I’m not seeing a way to specify launch parameters when launching that way. Thanks for the info about the web version. I didn’t know about that.

I found the .exe files for Discord (Update.exe) and SWTOR (launcher.exe) and verified that they’re both set to launch in admin mode. Even the shortcuts in the Start Menu are set to run in admin mode.

Ribbit, my tech said he set my launch for both the game and discord to automatically start in Admin but for some reason it does not work here at home. So what I’ve done is to right click the bnet client icon to the game, and I can choose to run as admin.

I do exactly the same thing for Discord, except with the Discord icon it provides a second discord link which I also right click…that opens up a menu where I choose to run as admin.

A bit clunky but it is important that I open both as admin or I have issues as well. The choice of game first is because many times I don’t use my headset but my desktop speakers. But as long as the game was opened as admin, when I do plug my headset in and follow that procedure with the Discord client icon, I rarely have any problems.

Granted I am not playing SWTOR at the moment but I would follow this same process no matter what game I am going to play. I do know that I have to do it for GW2 to work so there’s that. Must be something with how these things operate.