Disabled Veteran, and his Service Dog

I’m an Iraqi Freedom Veteran, served with the 3ID in 2009-2010 in FOB Kalsu. Took a lot of mortars and rockets, seen a bunch of nasty, for the short simple version. Anyways I am disabled now, I have attempted to become an employee or contractor, on several attempts and failed miserably. I am very intelligent, I went back to get my BA History, on the GI Bill. And find my purpose, being an officer in the Horde Chapter.

A few months ago, maybe 8 or so, I started in a program training with my service dog Max. Max is a German Shepherd, and is a very loyal animal. I rescued Max from Forsyth Humane Society early last year, not sure what he was going to be, until I was able to meet up with Saving Grace K9s. I knew then Max was gonna be my service dog.

I wanted to share this link so people can see a trip we did Tuesday at Hanes Mall here in Winston Salem, NC. Me and Max are the ones with the blue/silver leash.

Mall trip (Facebook Link)


I deleted Facebook, so i was not able to view your link, but I love dogs too. Here is a picture of our dog Tugger, who is a registered support animal. It happens to be his birthday today, he turns 10.

Best wishes


i get the following message when i click your link

The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page

@wont I think maybe the permissions on your picture are set to friends only or something else “non-public”. I got the same error as Sid, even after logging into FB.

In any case, 3 cheers for both Max and Tugger!

Better Facebook Link

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Very cool!

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What a handsome fellow he is! Looks like he was handling the mall very well.

My mom had a black shepherd she trained to be a support dog, and lively, crowded places like that were always a challenge for her.

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That’s great and heartbreaking. It’s the 1 year anniversary of when we put our own Yellow Lab “Tugger” down and 2 years since we fostered a black shepherd named “Max”.

Thanks for sharing.

I’m gonna go :sob: in the corner now.

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@wont the link works now, thanks for sharing!

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Very cool! Thank you for your service!

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What a group of good dogs! Max is a great name for a dog, @wont, I’m glad you found each other. :grin:

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Hi Wont. The link worked for me. I was in the Army , stationed at Fort Sam Houston for a couple years. I was part of the very last draft in 71, I believe. I have three sons , one is in a wheel chair and the other has a prosthetic leg. Its challenging when you have a disability.

Im a semi retired CPA working for myself. History is a wonderful subject. I recall the root word for history is a histor, or seer. I learned this from a Philosophy of History class in grad school around 2005.

If you are finding it difficult to get work, try a basic book keeping class at the local junior college and for part two become Intuit certified as Quick Books specialist. Im a tax professional only, but I will refer you bookkeeping clients if you have these minimums.


Wonderful dog! So glad things are going well for you:)

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Thank you for your service! I’m glad you and Max found each other! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your service. My Dad served in the Army in Vietnam, I served in the Air Force during Non combat and two of my 3 sisters served in Non Combat times.
Dog are great friend and about as loyal as you can get. I am very happy for you and Max finding each other. May you both have many years and adventures together. As you can see from my profile picture I love dogs

Thank you all for the support, I do appreciate the recognition. You might be surprised with the amount of veterans in our community. Some of whom might be in distress, and need a friend to chat with. To those veterans who read this and feel like they wanna chat, they are welcome to chat with me.


As a fellow disabled vet (100% disabled, service-connected), I salute your for your sacrifice.

My GSD, while not certified as a service dog, definitely provides me emotional support.

Best wishes on your journey with Max.

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I was only in for a year and suffered a mental breakdown. I find that having a dog keeps me focused on something other than my mental craziness. I was in from 88-89 and after being in and out of the mental hospital and group homes and such the one thing that made me level my head was having a dog.

Max and I passed our Psychiatric Service Animal Public Access Test today! We are a full blown Service dog team. Here is the Facebook Link!

Facebook Link


That is fantastic news @wont! Great Job!

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