Diablo Immortal Issues

I’ve been noticing several issues that make it hard to enjoy the game while playing on PC:

  1. Can’t do a search on Warband names so I can apply to our guild warband. Other than just keep hitting refrest on the liat, I don’t see any other way of doing a search.

  2. I’ve sold several items on the market but don’t see any way to collect my proceeds.

  3. I have a balance in my blizzard account but can’t use it in game because: 1. you have to renenter your Diablo password {while in the game already} to use the balance, but the games crashes everytime I try and type it in, 2. You can’t copy and paste the password in, it has to be typed.

You guys know of any ways to get past these issues.

Also do we have a voice chat room on discord? Been looking but can’t find one

I might be wrong, but for #2, you go back to marketplace interface, head to the sell tab, and you should see your sold items and that’s where you collect your proceeds.

Yea - didn’t see that there was a hold on payment for several hours after you get the in-game email {like 7 or 8 hour wait for payment}