Diablo 4 Roll Call

Please let us know your Battlenet ID (including the # part) so we can be sure we invite you to OTG1 when the merge comes.

Im here been here and will always be here Scags#1119


I left OTG2 because no one was ever on. Please invite me to OTG.

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Friend request sent so I can invite

Invite sent! Just hit N in game to accept.

My Barbarian was kicked. Was only logged off for two days.

Sorry about that!

Looks like you were in OTG2 and that was disbanded. I’ve tracked down your Bnet ID and sent a FR so I can get you into the new merged clan.

If you didn’t post in the Roll Call thread before today, you would have been kicked but we can invite you again! It’s also possible you were accidentally a victim of the purge. :slight_smile: If so, we apologize and are happy to put you back in!

I’ve sent you a clan invite. Just hit N in game to accept!

I received it. Thank you.

Missed the roll call and need a re-invite please.

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Friend request sent so I can send you the clan invite.

And clan invite sent! Hit N when in game to accept!

Still here! Invite Transen#1174

Just sent you a friend invite

You can remove me from the clan. I haven’t played in some time.