Diablo 4 Rescources

Hello there! Here’s a few links to help you get started on D4.

Websites for builds;

Websites for world event tracking;

  • Non-official Blizzard partnered discord. Lots of info, including an announcement channel where you can choose what events pings you. Discord
  • Helltide spawn time, chest and event tracking. https://helltide.com/
  • All-in-one world tracker similar to the discord mentionned previously but on a website format. Also includes different tools. Diablo 4 World Boss Tracker

Patch notes: Diablo IV Patch Notes — Diablo IV — Blizzard News

Feel free to dm me or any GG officers to add rescources on this post. :slight_smile:


Thanks for these links! :grin:

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Very cool info, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks so much! I need this. Currently having fun with a thorns/mob necro…

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Awesome. Gonna use this a lot i think.