Diablo 4 Release Date

Diablo fans out there? Any news when is the official release date of Diablo 4? I’m very excited hopefully Blizzcon next month will say it all. :slight_smile:

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Well Blizzcon is the weekend of November 1st so I’m sure we’ll hear stuff then.

I bought a virtual ticket for the loot and because I’ll watch it during the day.

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I’ve heard two prominent rumors regarding Blizzard and their future plans. Keep in mind this is 100% unsubstantiated conjecture at this point.

The first, as you suggest, is Diablo IV. I’m a long-time Diablo fan and would welcome that announcement. That said, I was pretty underwhelmed with Diablo III and would be looking for them to reclaim the crown that they lost to titles like Grim Dawn, Path of Exile, and Torchlight II (in my opinion). Diablo IV hasn’t been officially announced, but we’ve seen enough in the way of job postings and other hints to say it’s likely being worked on.

The second rumor, which I would welcome with just as much excitement, is that Overwatch II is in the works. Word is that it will feature robust, story-driven single-player/coop campaigns that explore the lore behind the characters in much more depth. It is supposedly being built on a new engine that allows them to do lots of cool things the Overwatch engine simply didn’t support. Personally, I’d love to see campaigns loosely in the vein of Left 4 Dead with increasingly difficult waves, minibosses, final boss battles, and in-game loot crates.

With that in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzard just said “screw everyone” and released a new Lost Vikings game or Starcraft 3. :slight_smile:


For mobile.


I hope it’s soon and I hope it’s good. I put thousands of hours on D2 but D3 was a disappointment as some of you have said.

I’d also love to see a remastered D2, I’d throw a few bucks down on that.

No release date. On the Blizzcon D4 panel the team said that D4 is still very much in development and is not even in the “soon” range :slight_smile:

I guess this is their way of keeping the raging hordes somewhat calm. Since phones didn’t work :smiley:

I loved reading the comments for one of the videos.

“Oh, this is for people who don’t own a phone.” lol

Personally, I think after last years failure they had to mention “blah blah D4 blah blah runes”. Else, could you imagine the response of the community. hahaha

As always … freaking killer awesome Diablo 4 Lillith video. More of a video than a simple trailer.

The Diablo IV gameplay video doesn’t inspire me, but I also recognize that it’s way too early to draw any conclusions. Thus I hold out hope that it will be a true return to form for Blizzard. Sounds like Overwatch 2 isn’t a new engine as I’d heard and instead a heavily-modified version of the original. If you haven’t seen the official announcement trailer, it’s worth a watch. No gameplay, but really well-done. Sounds like Overwatch 2 will be cross-platform which I love to see. Hoping this becomes the norm.

I have given up on Blizzard until they start demonstrating that they’ve turned the company around. They’ve just done too many things at this point that demonstrate to me that they’ve lost the narrative.

The trailer was awesome, and the gameplay looked pretty good. I did get the sense after the fiasco last year that they knew they’d have to present D4 at this Blizzcon, and that’s why it’s still so far off.

Blizzard used to be my favorite gaming company. Now they’re a corporation I’m ambivalent about.

After seeing the new trailers and reading their copy/paste tweets that skate around MTX, I have no interest in this game any longer, sadly. I think it’s going to be a darker version of D3 with the same bland, empty end game mechanics.

I’m at a loss for words. After their recent Diablo Immoral P2W trash, I held out a little hope that D4 would reverse course.

Whatever, I’m over Blizzard. RIP Blizzard North. At least there’s the new season of PD2 starting soon which looks phenomenal. I wish that mod team owned Blizzard.

What a damn shame.

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