Diablo 4 Code drawing!

Sign up here for a chance to win a standard D4 game code .
No sacrifices required unless The Admins say otherwise :skull_and_crossbones:

What do I do and when does it end? :slight_smile:

I’d say draw on the 30 th of this month
winner will need to have battle net acct and such

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Can we sacrifice things anyways? I missed the whole “spring cleaning” thing, and my cat has been being a pest and walking on my keyboard more often of late…

So kitty’s days are numbered despite having nine lives?

She got an extension because I got her claws trimmed, but the teeth are still there.

I would probably suggest trying to do the drawing on the 29th instead of the 30th, just because the official pre-load starts on the 30th. People with slower connections or not much drive space might want that extra time to do their own sacrifices… :wink:

Yeah I’m not gonna sacrifice my dog because she just sleeps when I am gaming, but I definitely have some co-workers or neighbors I could sacrifice no problem…I mean errrr—reluctantly…or something.

It’s cute when she comes up and tries to camp my chair, sitting on one side of the keybaord to sit on the mouse, the moving to the other to site on the ESC or CAPS LOCK key. It’s less cute when she digs her claw into me to emphasize that she REALLY wants my chair…

I have several neighbors I’d sacrifice for this.

I may or may not have a couple of step kids I could sacrifice depending on the day :grin::wink:.

my daughter would be disappointed in me if i didnt start chanting…

sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice

My dog told me there are several feral cats in the area that would love to be sacrificed, but I think the cats may disagree with her.

Also /signup or #signup or whatever various means of signing up needs to be done because I am poor right now lol…sigh.

Pick me, pick me, I promise I will be nice to you :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The feral cats in my neighborhood have started their own factions. I can hear their war cries long into the night… especially when I need to get up at the crack of dawn.

/signup #signup too! Trying to get my wife into D4, might be an uphill battle tho lol


It’s just a regular code so no head start. Plenty of time to suffer through the slow donwload from the poor overtaxed servers while waiting until the 6th. /tiddlethumbs

I’m willing to sacrifice an admin or two, but they may have other plans… Its been awhile since they were roasted over a pit of hot coals on a spit.

uh, I guess /signup ?

(and now I hide from the admins and their pointy things)

I dunno how Blizzard is doing this one, but in other situations, you were able to buy the standard edition early and then buy an “upgrade” to the fancier versions for “early access” or whatever else they came with.

It looks like the review embargo lifts on May 30th though, so people who were waiting for more full reviews will probably still be waiting by then. :slight_smile:

Reading this I thought of Crassius Curio of Morrowind.

“Whose a dirty dirty N’Wah…? Hmmmm… Uncle Crassius has a copy of Diablo 4.”