Diablo 2 Like - Chaosbane Beta with Pre-order

The new Warhammer Fantasy game Chaosbane Closed Beta can be played (to level 20) with pre-order. Having watched some Twitch streams of this I can say it is somewhat similar to Diablo 2 which is a good thing:

I can’t wait for this! Looks real good!

It’s fun. Only played the Empire fighter so far but he’s sturdy. I’ll avoid spoilers but I think I can say the Chaos Gods have their representatives present in sufficient numbers to keep you busy :slight_smile:

I good little video on Chaosbane:

I pre-ordered, haven’t jumped in yet. Also Pagan Online is early access and of course I’m in Torchlight Frontier.

Anyone interested in running a static group for this game?

Schedules aren’t my thing lol as my game play is sporadic. Just letting you know I hear ya :slight_smile:

I am keeping an eye on this and it is on my wishlist, but they need to iron out a few more details before I’ll jump on the bandwagon. Still, I havent played a Diablo-esque for a LONG time…

Grim Dawn is Diabloesque and well worth playing.

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I agree with Finbar. Grim Dawn is pretty fun and pretty grim. I find Chaosbane fun as well but seems a bit more funneled than most early on. Really waiting for Torchlight tbh :slight_smile:

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Ok, so being Grim Dawn was on sale all weekend, and Chaosbane isnt out yet, I dove to Dawn for now. It does seem larger and more open than Chaosbane does at the moment. Perhaps once Chaosbane has some time under its belt to mature a little I’ll revisit, but for now I need to learn how to play Grim Dawn :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions all!

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Warhammer: Chaosbane early access starts this Friday, May 21st. With GA on June 4th.

Checkout End Game modes & Post release content roadmap:

Expeditions and semi-random dungeons sound fun…not too excited about the pets. Was hoping for a new character class or two but Tomb Kings sound nasty :slight_smile: