Device suggestions?

My ship has 6 freakin’ device slots now and I ain’t got a clue what to put in them. Here’s what I already have:

Advanced Battery - Energy Amplifier
Deuterium Surplus
Red Matter Capacitor
Kobayashi Maru Transponder

I could put other batteries in the last 2 remaining slots but I’d likely never use 'em and even if I did it’d just be more “button-pushes”

My ship is a Beam Overload build using Corrosive Dual Plasma Beam Banks

Who needs 6 device slots FFS, how’s about another universal console slot :yum:

In addition to yours, I use the Temporal Negotiator from Delta recruiting. I know I should, but I don’t use consumables much, already too many abilities at once :slight_smile: .

I use the transponders so every 5 min or less I can get additional ships out there to help me IF I need it.

Delta Alliance, Hurk, Klingon, etc…

I’ve retired from hard core raiding and STO has kinda become my retirement game. There was a time when I played STO pretty hard core but nowadays my daily STO modis operandi has pretty much become grinding the Fleet Colony Infrastructure upgrade, Endeavors and R&D skills; toward that end probably the most challenging thing I do is the Dranuur Gauntlet TFO for colony provisions (waves of dreadnoughts at the end) and everybody is doing so much damage these days that having a device with a 5 minute CD is pretty much useless… eh, useless might not be the right word- more truthfully I’m gettin’ too old to be adding more buttons to remember :yum: