Developer Notes, lot of good info!

Here are the notes!

Linking all the Trading Posts is a fantastic step, there is a LOT of great info in there.


I’ve been impressed with their responsiveness, and like that they are showing very low tolerance for exploiters/cheaters.

There are so many little touches they could add to take New World to the next level.

  • Add a shaded area for any conflict areas, so you know where you need to run around on the map, instead of hitting the invisible wall and having to ‘feel’ your way around it
  • Add mouse hover popup on the quest related items (not things in Quest Items section) to indicate quantity needed (eg: hover over the ‘quest icon’ over Sateen and be able to see that 90 are needed)
  • Add a mini map in the corner (this would be nice, but not essential)
  • Option to toggle on/off items to appear on the compass at the top.
  • Add party members to the compass.

This game has some nice potential and I’m looking forward to seeing where it continues to go.

I’m also shocked that there aren’t giant crabs on the beaches - just seems very thematic.

Similarly, with all the .7 lb tadpoles I have caught, I am shocked there aren’t any large frogs - imagine the mechanics for the corrupted tentacles (scaled down) and used in a mobile frog :wink:

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I read somewhere once that you should never surprise your partner with a gift. I am pretty sure this was in the marriage book that talks about the concept of a love bank which essentially a faction grind for your spouse. The logic goes something like this - if you give a surprise gift to someone you get these metaphysical positive relationship points which are good but if you tell them you are going to get them a gift, involve them in the process of picking it out, then deliver on the gift you earn three times as many of these points. It’s like optional quest requirements that everyone just ignores.

I feel like these blog posts and patch notes have done a good job of checking off all the optional quest requirements in an analogous kind of way.

We expect correspondence and we expect bug fixes but I feel like every time I read one of these they always have some new tidbit on something that is in the works and coming soon that is new. It’s a kind of yes we have been listening here is what we are fixing but also here are a couple other things we are doing.

I always read these and feel a little better about the game.

In other game’s I haven’t necessarily felt that way.