Dev Updates: New Series on Twitch

Hey everyone,

Some folks from Visionary Realms are on Cohh Carnage’s Twitch channel today giving a bit of a dev update. One big thing that I wanted to highlight is that…

Beginning on Thursday, November 21st, VR will be hosting a dev stream every two weeks on their own Twitch channel to provide continuous progress updates. They’re scheduled for 6pm PST / 9pm EST. You can find their channel here:

For anyone who would like more frequent updates on development progress, this could be a good resource. Based on what they’re sharing on today’s stream, they’re going pretty far in-depth with both in-game examples and behind-the-scenes looks into the development systems as well.


It was nice to see that, but I was aching for some gameplay!

When are they going to open their Battle Royale mode?

Don’t think there is any intention of a Battle Royale mode. This is not a PVP focused game at atll.

I was referring to another crowdfunded game in jest :slight_smile:

Ah Ashes of creation?

Yep :smiley:

Heya @blackat – looks like Cohh will be back in December with a new gameplay stream. According to a tweet from BazgrimTV, Ben Dean from VR says that it “will include never before seen gameplay features and mechanics, but will not take place in the zone Faerthale.”

They must have heard you! :slight_smile:

Haha yay! I’m interested in how continuous gameplay looks now that they have their area which is meant to represent how the game will look at launch.

VR will be hosting the next dev stream TONIGHT at 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST on their Twitch channel. They’ll cover their “Character Resource System.”


I’m not sure if anyone caught the dev stream last night.

I didn’t hear anything groundbreaking, like a date for the next Pre-Alpha phase. They did show off models for the Archai, Skar, and Dark Myr. They looked quite good, with lots of fine detail work.

I’ll have to watch it again to pick up other details. I guess I was a bit tired and only remember what I saw and not what I heard. :slight_smile: