Dev Updates: New Series on Twitch

Hey everyone,

Some folks from Visionary Realms are on Cohh Carnage’s Twitch channel today giving a bit of a dev update. One big thing that I wanted to highlight is that…

Beginning on Thursday, November 21st, VR will be hosting a dev stream every two weeks on their own Twitch channel to provide continuous progress updates. They’re scheduled for 6pm PST / 9pm EST. You can find their channel here:

For anyone who would like more frequent updates on development progress, this could be a good resource. Based on what they’re sharing on today’s stream, they’re going pretty far in-depth with both in-game examples and behind-the-scenes looks into the development systems as well.


It was nice to see that, but I was aching for some gameplay!

When are they going to open their Battle Royale mode?

Don’t think there is any intention of a Battle Royale mode. This is not a PVP focused game at atll.

I was referring to another crowdfunded game in jest :slight_smile:

Ah Ashes of creation?

Yep :smiley: