Detroit: Become Human

Finsihed it but really enjoyed it. Need to go back an replay 1 part, Hope all of your Christmas’s were great. take care.

Did you try Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls (I think thats the name - its way to early here). Both by the same company.

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I’ve been a fan of Quantic Dream games since Omicron. There are a lot of games I never finish, but there hasn’t been a single Quantic Dream game yet that I haven’t completed (and a couple I’ve completed more than once):

Omicron: Nomad Soul
Indigo Prophecy (aka Fahrenheit)
Heavy Rain
Beyond: Two Souls
Detroit: Become Human

Haven’t been disappointed by one yet. I still wish they’d revisit the Omicron world again after cancelling Omicron 2, years ago.

Detroit on PC now. Love this game. On my PS4.
anyone on the PC yet

Yes, I picked it up on PC when it went live on the Epic store. Had it on the PS4 but I so rarely even sit on front of my TV that the PS4 almost never even gets turned on.

Did a complete playthrough on the PC. Works well. A couple of crashes during load screens, but no major issues.

I downloaded this from Epic games and it won’t launch. Customer Service is 9-10 day wait for reply. WHAT!?!

Plenty of memory in PC. :disappointed_relieved:

I vaguely recall one point when I was about 2/3rd of the way through the game that one day it ran fine and the next it wouldn’t launch. My antivirus software had begun detecting one of the files with a false positive on some virus and was blocking it. I ended up having to whitelist the file to get it going. But it was pretty obvious what the problem was in that case, as the antivirus program itself was reporting the file as a virus detection. That doesn’t sound like what you’re running into.

Another couple of ideas:

  1. If you have an NVIDIA card, make sure you have a driver that is at least newer than the release date of the game on PC. Some reports on Reddit indicate older drivers cause the game to fail to launch.

  2. Other posts on Reddit claim that installing the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistrib from 2015 resolved their error. Those redistribs should install when the game was installed though, so I’m not sure why they would have been missing it in the first place.

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