Destiny Child

Anyone else playing this? It has excellent production quality and by far the most polished gacha game I’ve tried so far.

I looked at it and was at first interested…but then I found the marketing sentence " Enchanted kids and stories inspire your sensuality!" and even though I am sure it’s probably just poor translation, I lost my appetite.

Hahaha! I didn’t know that was on the game description. My assumption is that it’s a poorly translated play on the game title. Your gacha summons are called ‘Childs’ in game, so there is context there as well. I can recommend it a download. The quality is top notch, the art style very vivid and active, and most importantly it’s very fair and generous towards players that play for free.

In terms of some fair warnings, this game does have fan service in most its summon characters, though that’s common enough in gacha games. The global version is censored to some extent, which I prefer it myself because the censoring they made add more flair to the character designs. The Korean version runs with much more nudity.

Thankfully, very thankfully, I have not come across any characters of underage design that have been sexualized. This problem seems to run more heavily in Japanese games, but nevertheless I haven’t seen any in game. This may not be an issue to everyone, but it personally drives me off the wall with how much it permeates anime styled media and games.

Fair enough. Thanks for the extra information. :slight_smile: