Destiny 2?

Anyone playing Destiny 2? I haven’t played since Warmind, but the new expansion looks pretty good and thinking about hopping back in. Didn’t know if anyone was active in this game, would be fun to try out the Raids I’ve missed out on.

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Atreus, I had another guild member ask the same question and I found info about joining ‘clans’ here : That is the first post of a long list of posts about Destiny 2, found in General Games.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Trying to find out if anyone is still playing D2 on Xbox haven’t seen anyone and i have been back playing for a couple of weeks now.

hey there Iam looking to see if OTG has an active clan on PC…


I fount a link to what looks like the PC Clan. You might find your answer there. I don’t know much about Destiny, so I could be wrong.
This is the clan. Request an invite and I will approve.