Destiny 2- thoughts, and see you around it?

My husband has been suffering MMO Wanderlust this past year or so, and the most recent we are playing is Destiny 2. They had a free download in November to try it out, and he enjoyed it enough to want to get into it as our most current game.

Destiny 2 is really very fun, though I seldom like FPS’s . It has a story-line with lore and world building (and Nathan Fillions voice acting!!), and lots of content to run around in and the graphics are pretty good too. Lots of PVP styles (not my thing though) and even a mixed PVP /PVE sport-like combat contest.

There is a nice OTG presence-- very lovely people, if not a large presence like some bigger games. There is a different discord server for it, though, since there is mixing with non-OTGers, so you won’t see much chatting on the OTG channel.

If anyone tries it, my battlenet ID is NWGeekette#1356 maybe see you round?