Destiny 2 PC?

I can see there was a recent Destiny 2 xbox thread, but it looks like the last mention of Destiny 2 on pc was over 6 months ago.

Is anyone playing on PC after the fairly recent release of Beyond Light?

Hope you’re all well!


Is there a OTG Clan? Posting this to see. Maybe there is maybe there isn’t. There are three of us who do play this Equator and Barbie are playing this with me. @Benbrada maybe you can shed some light on if we need to start one. They just made Destiny 2 Crossplay between PC, Xboxs, PS4/5 in NOV 2021; they have some interesting stuff that has brought the three of us to the game from a long break. The Clan would be for the entire game, not just Xbox, or PC, or PS. If there is enough grab to bring other guildmates back to the game since it is on year 5 then we definitely should consider creating or getting everyone in to the Bungie . Net (no need for URL) clan. I found the clan, dont know who is running it. The Old Timers Guild Clan |

Looks like Kerian Halycon is the Owner of the OTG Clan whoever that may be.

There is. I can invite via phone app.