[Destiny 2 PC Steam] Help!

I’m starting the introduction to vanguard strikes quest and I have my fireteam set to closed so no one may join me yet it still puts me on a fireteam. How do I prevent this? The description says it’s for 1-3 players so how do I ensure only one player, myself, is in the strike?

this is one irritating game…

I don’t think you can with the tutorial ones, if I remember right.

And also, later strikes you really won’t be able to do on your own either :slight_smile: So get used to it!

I am a fairly new player… joined since New Light free to play was released… last week or the week before. There is lots I don’t quite understand about the game. My titan is just over 900 power.

That being said, when I play this game I frequently get in the Destiny 2 voice channel. If you see me, feel free to join. I would be happy to group up for some content. It is why I get in the channel.