Destiny 2 PC Nightfalls/Raids

I am 962 Light in Season 9 and main a hunter, recently caught up with my titan and warlock. I’ve never done a raid in destiny 2 but if anyone would like to try one we need 6. I’m reasonably sure 4 members are down, and we just need 2. I’m reluctant to try to run new players through a raid with that feature as I’ve never done one. Feel free to send me a message, add me as a friend on steam, respond here whatever and I’m sure we could try one.

I wish I could join you but I’m still a Newb with my main (Hunter) at 918 Light. Today I finished off the Shadowkeep main story, with that I now have all the main story campaigns complete. I’m currently working on all the solo content planet by planet. If there’s any group content I can help with, please let me know. I’m Grauz (OTG) on Steam and in game.

Woot! You’re in for quite a ride on this storyline. It’s worth the missions. I’ll add you and I’m sure we ll get to group up.

Sounds great, thanks Tallanthanon!

Hey. Think I found you on Steam and sent a friend request. Let me know what your Steam name is if you don’t have a Steam friend request from me.

I think my power level (without the artifact) is currently sitting around 965. (Might’ve moved to 966 on my highest character, but the other two are close behind.) I assume your 962 is also without the artifact?

Let me know what your regular play hours are. Probably best if you message me on Steam for a response. Looking forward to talking more.

I’ll add ya it’s still tallanthanon, I tend to play sometimes during the week 7 to 9ish cst and weekends morning then again 8 to 11ish. If you need help with anything or want to group up just send me a message.