Destiny 2 PC anyone there?

is anyone still playing destiny 2? Would love to team up and have some fun.

Once it comes to Steam, I plan on kicking it up again!

yea I cant wait for the move off I hate how long it takes to dl something

Bump…Destiny 2 clan?

Old thread but I’m on PC as Lattie#5503 mind you I don’t know shit about the game but killing baddies is fun. I’d love to join some folks.

I’m back to Playing D2… Mad Hatter#6642 …Like Lattie, I’m not doing much other than roaming aimlessly around Crucible and Bounties in the Open world, but if a group plays I would like to join… haven’t done any of the raids/dungeons/new strikes and would love the company.

I bought D2 via the BF discounts and have been enjoying the random fun since. Kerian oversees the D2 guild, and invited me once I posted in the proper thread. Use the link below to get started.

Destiny 2 Invite Instructions - General Games / GG In-Game Invites - Old Timers Guild

Check out our #Destiny2 clan!

Link to the clan page. Shoot me a message on Discord if you apply, it doesn’t always alert me. There is not a whole lot of activity at the moment being in the middle of a long season. We don’t raid, there are just not enough people anymore. If you need help with something in particular please let me know.