Depths: Archdecon Azamela Round Table

I wanted to put together the information that I’ve researched and collected in the last week on the Archedecon Azamela fight.

I’m aware of three different group compositions of full guild groups that have attempted this fight on M1 and none of us have been successful thus far. The problem at it’s core seems to be the 15% health phase where two pylons are channeled at once. Regardless of the strategies that I’ve seen attempted, the net result is the mines kill the group before the pylons can be destroyed to enter the last 15% of the bosses health.

I’ve linked below all the videos I’ve watched in researching this:

M6 GOLD 18M (Video A)

M3 GOLD (Video B)

M3 GOLD (Video C)

M10 GOLD (Video D)

I timed the 15% health phase start to finish on all these attempts its pretty close to 1m duration regardless of which video you watch with different groups. It was like 5 seconds difference between fastest and slowest. Which means all scenarios ran into 4 mines going off at the same time in the last of that phase which means people have to be able to survive that.

I made a post on the official forums questioning how the healer is avoiding the damage from the mines. You can see him actually do a emote kneel at once stop healing through the mine phase and its just tickling their team.

On M10 this healer took 2k damage from 1 mine going off and 3k from 2 mines going off at the same time. Feedback below from forums explains how (full ward gear).

There’s also one other potential nugget to capture from another response that people might consider trying…

Scagss had express some suggestions about a group he did a silver M1 with a full pug. Their range dps was killing adds from below. We tried this on our run in a late night group but it didn’t work we found the adds reset when attacked by a ranged. It might work with someone holding aggro up top to begin with. Maybe a tank? shrug That might work as a hybrid of the above idea of sending a tank and dps up.

Please add to this thread any ideas or suggestions you have found useful for this fight in nutator. Our Nesh discusion was useful to help develope a standard functional strategy!