Delerium so far

I am now on my 3rd build (by my son’s design) for Delerium.

First was a cyclone/impale build. Problem is this league is a little ‘rippy’.

Then I tried this essence drain build my son was running. Wow. It is a pain with 2 clicks, but stuff dies super fast. The build does become very twitchy on defense though.

So my son cooked up a Poet’s pen build, using body swap, descretation, and some bow skill. I move by bodyswap, and it alternates effects between the duel wielded pens. I got the character to the end game pretty fast, and rejiggered to the movement build.


I linked body swap to the space bar, and I just hold down space and port around to wherever my mouse is, literally filling the entire screed with orange balls of destruction. The light show is so severe that I can not even see the overlay map and have to stop it just to get oriented. Because I flicker around super fast, that is defense in and of itself from a lot of the on death mechanics that are pretty harsh this league.

I think the cluster gems this league are the way you break the game in a build now. I have around 6K life in this build already at lvl 69, with some leech on it. The big question- can I live with the graphics card strain. WE did some simple DPS tests by checking frame rate. How fast does it ramp up to 4fps? Do other gems really get me to 4fps faster? WE had a lot of laughs with this build in public games.

Nice! :sunglasses:

I’m a PoE novice, enjoying a summoner build. The on death mechanics do seem pretty harsh on my minions!

I’m a slow ARPG player, anyway, and with a goal of finally learning PoE I’m fine with taking my time … I’m only on Act 4. :smiley: