Decrypting droid names

I have a new hobby: decrypting droid names using leetspeak or whatever it’s called, where numbers represent letters (1=i, 3=E, 4=A, 7=T, 8=B or “ate”, and so forth. I don’t know them all.). There are some fun names, but there are many that I don’t “get”. Maybe not all names translate into something. I’m wondering if you’ve noticed ones that I haven’t or can explain ones I’m not sure of or have wrong. I try to put where I’ve seen them in parentheses after each one.

  • M8-3R = Mater (I forget where)

  • RE-1 = Rei or Rey (pet)

  • D-LZ8 = The lazy eight, which is several things, including an aerial maneuver performed in a plane. (Republic Makeb storyline)

  • ZAN-3LO = Zanelo, which is a surname, but also Zane Lo, who appears to be a person involved with porn films. I didn’t want to click on any of those google links. (Republic Makeb storyline)

  • MT-4T (pet) = MT-AT is a spider tank in Star Wars - the Mountain Terrain Armored Transport. MTAT is also an acronym that’s used for many things in real life.

  • CB-08-4 = See Boba? Fett, I assume. (Taris droid that tests you after being infected by rakghouls)

  • M4-Y8 = Maybe? (pet)

  • T3-G2 = Tegz, which can easily be a reference to a real person. (Shadow of Revan Prelude questgiver on Pub fleet.)

I’ll add more as I find them.

I’m not sure what to make of RZDZ. :smiley:

Or C2-N2.